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Vacation in Mexico

At times we’ll take a break from shooting and show the clients what we are end up capturing. Sometimes it’s to motivate and excite them, other times its to navigate the client to a different directions of poses. I think at this point it was all about reassuring our couple that the photos were coming out amazing.

I love shooting on vacation. The sun, the beach, the unlimited food and drinks all make everyone more relaxed, and less camera shy. The scenery almost always is absolutely gorgeous, and the atmosphere is borderline magical. The only downside is getting burned in the sun. That day E-lan practically got cooked. He is as red as a lobster. Of course there are ways to fix that in photoshop, but it takes a very long time to do (editing each picture) and, I recently came to conclusion that the more close to reality the photo remains, the better. I’ll still edit and slim down body parts if and when the client asks. I’ll still adjust the colours and shadows with highlights to make the photo stand out, but, overall, the more I shoot, the more I’d like to keep the photos as “real” as possible.


The shoot was fun!

The shoot was fun!

Alona & Leon


CameraCanon 60D
Shutter Speed1/125



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